Domestic violence against men


Violence against men is a controversial topic of research, as the actual number of male victims may be greater than indicated by statistics from judicial records; Because there are so many males who do not report abuse, men who report domestic violence may face social stigma due to being accused of lacking masculinity, or other insults to their masculinity, and intimate partner violence against men is generally less noticed by society than intimate partner violence against women, and this puts another obstacle in front of them to report the case. Also, the existence of a degree of social and cultural acceptance that women’s harm to men is a response to the harm that men initiated against women is an additional factor for men’s non-disclosure.

Women’s use of violence has its reasons
Self-defense from male partner violence.



The desire to get rid of male dominance in the family.

Inadequate anger management skills.

Antisocial personality disorders.

Borderline personality disorders.

Take drugs.

criminal history.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.


Communication problems.


Exposure to sexual abuse during childhood.


Violence against men takes many forms

Physical violence includes slapping and beating by the wife or a member of her family, in addition to throwing him some things that would cause him harm.

Psychological violence, which includes the use of insults and verbal abuse, screaming, interfering with a man’s social relations such as his friends and family, the way he spends money, and the use of threats to obtain personal goals, such as threatening to expose personal matters that may embarrass him in front of others, or threatening to leave him, and it may also be in the form of Threats of false allegations of domestic violence directed at the wife.

Sexual violence, and although there is little talk about sexual violence against men, it is an existing phenomenon, and it includes the wife’s refusal to have sex with her husband as a form of discipline to him.

Many men remain silent about the practice of violence against them for many reasons, which may be their lack of awareness of the partner’s practice of violence against them or because of concern about children and fear of not being able to see them again on the one hand, and unwillingness to make their children live away from their mothers on the other hand. Also, the fear of embarrassment resulting from exposing the nature of the relationship with his wife or partner and the abuse he receives. Among the reasons are also the love of their partner and the belief that it may change with time, as well as the financial situation and the lack of a place to go to.

Any physical, verbal, or psychological abuse, etc., is a clear violation of basic human rights, which may later lead to serious consequences such as mental disorders (depression and anxiety), and suicide also in extreme cases. Alcoholism, smoking, and drug abuse also increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

On the other hand, there are effects on the level of the entire family, such as family disintegration, the negative impact on the lives of children, and the increase in the rate of violence in society in general.

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