Getting ready to go back to school and the daily routine after the holidays


The feeling of going back to school and the daily routine after vacation can be heavy for some because the summer vacation means for them waking up late, staying up late and spending most of the time with friends.

Returning to the daily routine and organizing the time as it was before the vacation is a burden on them, and they may feel stagnation and lack of motivation to return to work or study. Preparing in advance for the daily routine makes you feel positive about returning to work or study.

In order to help you return, we have summarized some steps that help you to prepare for study and work after a period of interruption.

5 tips for preparing to return to school or work after a period of interruption

Adjusting sleeping times ten days or a week before the date of return to study or work:
Organize bedtime a week before school or work, and by the time you get used to getting up early, this will help you improve your sleep, increase your focus, and make you feel positive.

Preparing study tools and supplies and preparing work-related tasks:
Buying school supplies such as notebooks and pens makes the student feel happy and excited and makes him feel psychologically ready to go to school.

We recommend that you start looking for new supplies early and not wait for the last minute and let us all know that the good things come first.

Determine the goals that the person wants to achieve and the rewards he wants during this year:
One of the best ways to motivate yourself for the new school year is to set goals that you want to achieve, whether they are academic goals, social goals, or anything in between. It is a good idea to write a list of all the goals you hope to achieve. It is important that you keep your goals realistic so that they can actually be achieved.

By documenting your goals on paper, you will have a physical record of what you are aiming for. It’s also important to set a deadline and reward yourself every time you achieve one of your goals. Whether you’re rewarding yourself by going out for pizza or buying something you really want, feeling good about your accomplishments is one of the reasons for success.

Organize your schedule:
A week before you return to school, do your best to arrange your schedule. Every school releases timetables differently, so make sure you know how to get them. Sometimes you will have to log in to your school account and other times you will need to go to the school to check the notice boards.

Organizing a schedule for some physical activities that you would like to enroll in during the school year:
It is very important that we be aware of the importance of physical exercise and its impact on the brain, vital functions and higher mental processes, so we must be careful to learn a new type of physical exercise and make it an integral part of your daily routine.

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