marital violence


It is known as spousal violence
Behavior issued against the intimate partner, which causes physical or psychological harm and pain to one of the two parties to the relationship in the absence of the language of dialogue.

construction between the two parties.”

Spousal violence takes many and recurring forms

1. Physical violence

It includes any abuse directed at the partner’s body, such as slapping, kicking, throwing hard objects, using sharp instruments, or threatening to use them, or actually hitting them.

2. Moral violence

It includes any abuse that leaves a bad impression on the soul, and destroys morale, such as insulting dignity, insult, marginalization, intimidation, abandonment, continuous criticism, suspicion, and lack of communication.

3. Sexual violence

It is any act by the husband that leads to sexual abuse of the wife, and it is considered one of the disturbing and dangerous manifestations of violence, especially since it is often kept secret as a result of the wife’s shyness. The husband is like the wife’s abstention from intimacy.

Factors causing marital violence
Marital violence is one of the negative manifestations that both eastern and western societies suffer from, and the factors causing it differ according to the society, culture, and prevailing values in that society. We can collect the factors that cause its occurrence as follows:


1. Psychological factors

It is especially represented in the failure to satisfy the emotional needs of the individual, which leads to the failure of the spouses to communicate well with each other, and the inability to dialogue. The other, which is the explosive or direct cause of the occurrence of violence.

2. Social factors

There are several social factors that may be the reason for the husband’s abuse of his wife, foremost of which is social upbringing where he was brought up in a violent environment, which formed a weak and distrustful personality, and this is what leads him in the future to treat this weakness with violence, so that he gains strength over the weaker than him; And she is his wife. In addition, the husband may resort to imitation and simulation. Where he witnesses at a young age the violence that his father inflicts on his mother, and he grows up in a family that does not respect and weaken women.

Especially if the wife is at the highest level, which generates tension and imbalance in the husband, so he tries to compensate for this deficiency, looking for situations in which he can criticize and belittle her, whether through verbal insults such as insults or physical insults such as beating to control her and prevent her dominating him.

3. Cultural factors

The customs and traditions rooted in the cultures of many, which carry with them ideas that discourage women’s rights and discriminate against the male over the female, as they diminish their size and role, and in turn exaggerate the size and role of the male, and encourage them to exercise power and violence over females in the family from a young age, and accustom them in return to submission and acceptance violence and bear it.

Psychological effects of marital violence
Spousal violence has a range of psychological, social and economic effects. Where both the family and society as a whole are affected by the state of marital violence, as divorce and legal problems between spouses increase, which in turn affects children.

Dealing with the phenomenon of marital violence:
This phenomenon is dealt with through two axes

The first axis

Awareness and education for those about to get married

Which is a kind of prevention for the occurrence of such a phenomenon, where each party in the relationship is educated about his role, and what are the rights and duties of each of the two parties to this relationship.

The second axis

Captive counseling for already married couples

To find out the problems that may affect the current relationship and try to solve them by resorting to specialists.

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