Do you feel depressed at the approaching holiday?


The days of Eid Al-Fitr are approaching, and some of us are looking forward to this joyous occasion with joy and longing.

Let us learn about the motivating factors for psychological problems for the period before the Eid or during the Eid period


1) The person was exposed to psychological trauma before the Eid period, the inability to deal with it, and the lack of assistance to help him overcome the period in a healthy way.

2) Increasing family visits and social events that may bring us together with people with whom there is disagreement, anger, or other negative feelings or attitudes that increase the burden of these days on us and prevent us from the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful period.

3) Also, social media may play a role in stimulating this kind of disturbing feelings, by promoting the exaggerated atmosphere of clothes, sweets, luxurious gifts, and relationships that are always portrayed to us as more than ideal, and therefore our perceptions or expectations for this period have a kind of Exaggerated idealism

…. Ok

How do we overcome and face these days with a reassuring heart?

‎ First: Praise be to God, Glory be to Him, with gratitude. Whatever distress or distress afflicts you, it only happened for a great wisdom that the Lord of the heavens and the earth knows, so perhaps it is good.

Second: making a schedule and planning in advance for this period, for example planning the budget and not exaggerating the importance of clothes, gifts, or other things, planning the dates of visits, receptions, etc., and focusing on the joy of Eid itself and the noble meanings it carries, such as joy, tolerance, and compassion.

Third: Reducing the ceiling of expectations, thus avoiding any negative feeling that was not taken into account

Fourth: Exercising, such as walking for as long as you can, helps greatly in stimulating endorphins in the brain to balance disturbing feelings. Gradually, you will feel joy, comfort, and a decrease in anxiety and distress.

Fifth: Reducing or even refraining from following social media for certain periods to prevent exposure to exaggerations and idealism that have nothing to do with reality.

Sixth: Surround yourself with your loved ones and friends as much as possible, and take a break whenever you feel the need.

We ask God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, that it will be a blessed Eid for everyone, and you will be blessed with plenty of health and wellness, and Happy New Year

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