Dealing with changes and crises


As part of our constant endeavor to inform you of all that is useful, we have included in this issue the World Mental Health Day and the Psychology of Retirement, in addition to several interesting topics.

Let’s take action to invest in mental health

First: Changes and crises
Our life includes many variables that affect individuals personally or societies on a larger scale, and these variables may be expected or surprising and accordingly have the accompanying effect, and although some variables may be desirable and can be controlled, there are variables You may be out of control Crises result.

Crises are defined as sudden and unexpected events that cannot be controlled, and represent a time of severe difficulty that may pose great risks and threats to individuals or organizations, leading to disruption, loss and damage. Crises may turn into a disaster if not dealt with properly. The novel coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, is considered one of the biggest crises the world has faced, and World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2020, comes at a time when our daily lives have changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic, which resulted in many human and material losses, in addition to psychological and moral damage. We are still in the phase of gradual recovery To return to life differently from what we used to know before.


Based on WHO’s emergency experience, the need for mental health and psychosocial support is expected to increase significantly in the coming months and years.

That is why investment, both nationally and internationally, in mental health programmes, which have already suffered over years from chronic underfunding, is now more important than ever and for this reason the objective of the World Mental Health Day 2020 campaign is to Investing in mental health .

Second: How to deal with stress during crises
Have you experienced symptoms of stress recently?
Sleep difficulties.

Decreased energy or tiredness.

Decreased or increased appetite.

Difficulty concentrating.

Decreased or lost pleasure.

Lack of productivity.


Difficulties in personal and family relationships.

answer the questions below

Care steps

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